Leaders in denominations across the United States are receiving information that federal buildings and churches might be possible targets of attack tomorrow, Sunday, January 17 through the inauguration, and perhaps beyond. We share this information not to create confusion or chaos but to encourage you to be abundantly cautious and prepared IF things in our country do escalate. 
Here are some good practices we suggest: First, please continue to worship virtually.  If you do recordings or live streaming in the church building, please consider recording from your homes for this Sunday. Second, during the next week, close the church building including the office, and ask all employees to work remotely.  As individuals, continue to stay home as much possible. While we certainly hope the transition of power in our country happens peacefully, we encourage a heightened sense of awareness at this time. 
Please know your Conference and Associations will reach out to you with further information. Let us all continue to be in prayer for our nation, and one another.

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