Department of Church and Authorized Ministry

As outlined in the Oversight of Ministries Authorized by the United Church of Christ, Section 8 of 10*, of the United Church of Christ Manual on the Ministry, the Department for Church and Authorized Ministry (DCAM) is responsible for administering ecclesiastical standing within the Association; carrying out oversight and disciplinary functions; clergy leadership development and continuing education; nurturing the relationship between clergy and congregations; and nurturing the relationship of clergy and congregations with the United Church of Christ.

The Department of Church and Authorized Ministry (DCAM) members are nominated and elected from the 38 congregations of the Central South East Ohio Association (CSEOA) at each annual meeting of the Association.

The elected members will serve three years so that approximately one-third of the Department is elected annually. DCAM members may be elected for a second term.
DCAM membership is as follows:

  • Nine elected members.
  • Ministers and laypersons.
  • One member appointed by the Christian Church in Ohio (Disciples of Christ).
  • Co-opt members for one year terms (ex-officio)
  • CSEOA Association Ministers (ex-officio).

DCAM has oversight of the following four proceedings:

  • Periodic Support
  • Situational Support Consultation
  • Information Review
  • Fitness review

In cooperation with the Department of Preparation for Authorized Ministry (DPAM), the Department of Church and Authorized Ministry (DCAM) will connect with the Church and Ministry groups of the Ohio Conference and the United Church of Christ.

*Manual on Ministry

Members of the Department for Church and Authorized Ministry:

Class of 2020

Ms. Janet Marbly, Esq, Advent UCC, Columbus

Rev. Scott Elliot, Mt.Vernon UCC

Peter Barclay, First Congressional UCC, Huntington

Class of 2021

Mr. Jim Clausing, Grace UCC, Lancaster

Rev. Jackie Nehls, Dublin UCC, Columbus

Rev. Dr. Herb Hicks, Zion Reformed UCC, Thornville

Rev. Judy Alston, DOC Representative

Class of 2022

Rev. Heather Rodenburg, North Church, Columbus

Rev. Herb Hicks, Zion Reformed UCC, Thornville



Department of Church and Preparation for Authorized Ministry

Do you sense God’s call to authorized ministry?  DPAM is composed of 12 clergy and lay members elected by the CSEOA to engage persons in a process of discernment listening and preparing for God’s call to authorized ministry.  The UCC recognizes 3 forms of authorized ministry:  Ordained, Commissioned, and Licensed.   Each Member in Discernment (MID) comes recommended by their congregation.  The In Discernment Manual, rev 7, Oct 2013 (here or see resources) describes the MID process which is a minimum of two years.

As of January 12, 2017 there are 20 Members in Discernment from  11 congregations:  Columbus: Advent UCC,  First Congregational, First Community, Move, North Congregational UCC, St Johns;  Belpre, Radnor Congregational, Westerville Community UCC, and Zion Delaware.

 Marks of Faithful and Effective Authorized Ministries 


Members of the Department of Preparation for Authorized Ministry:

Class of 2020

Rev. Scott Schieber, Highwater Congregational UCC, Newark

Rev. Kay Albright, Bridges of Grace UCC, Charleston, WV

Rev. Whitney Bruno, St. Michael’s UCC, Baltimore

Class of 2021

Rev. Nancy Livingston, First Congregational Columbus

Rev. Marilyn Marshall Goetz, Westerville Community UCC

Ms. Jackie Dean,  First Congregational Church,  Columbus

Ms. Barb Anderson,  Dublin Community UCC, Dublin

Class of 2022

Ms. Jan Anible, Zion UCC, Delaware

Rev. Jay Groat, Westerville Community, Westerville

Rev. John Cramton, North Church, Columbus

Rev. Elaine Fennell, Graace UCC, Columbus

Department of Church Vitality

Consists of nine elected members. The membership shall include ministers and lay persons. The Department may co-opt additional members for one year terms. Co-opted members may have voice but not vote. This department will be staffed by one of the Association Ministers or his/her representative.

The Department shall be responsible for helping congregations develop effective programs to enhance their congregational life, such as Stewardship; Mission Education; Church Growth and Evangelism, deepen their spiritual growth; and strengthen their relationship to and support of the United Church of Christ.


Class of 2020

Rev. Rachael Gardner Purdy,  First Congressional, Columbus

Rev. Ron Botts, David’s UCC, Canal Winchester

Ms. Lisa Austin Jones, Trinity, Columbus

Class of 2021

Ms. Marylin Lloyd, North UCC, Colunbus

Ms. Mary Felty, Zion Reformed, Thornville

Ms. Marla Flewellen, Advent, Columbus

Mr. Will Smith, First Congregational, Huntington, WVA

Rev. Barbara Murray, First Community, Columbus

Rev. Heather Giffen, First Congregational, Columbus



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